2016 SCCA Autocross Events

Lou Manglass is enthusiastic autocross participant with his Mustang and is passing along this season’s autocross schedule information to the NEGMC membership. If you are interested in participating in the upcoming autocross events, please contact Lou directly at (678)614-4438 for more information.


The 2016 SCCA autocross schedule is below and for your convenience these are translations of some of the abbreviations:


TNT = Test-n-Tune

P1, P2, etc. = Points 1, Points 2, etc. There will be 7 points events this year, one is still TBD.

Starting Line = Professional, Paid, introductory school. http://www.scca.com/pages/starting-line

Novice School = Free introductory school run by the Atlanta Region of the SCCA.

COC = Champion of Champions events which mainly decide the Regional Championship among the Pro’s.


For those of you who have never autocrossed before, there will be a Novice Class at every Points event. Novice Class consists of an abbreviated Novice School and 5 runs with an instructor. If you request, the instructor will make one careful pass (out of 5) in your car. Novice Class is the easiest way to get started. If you find you are enjoying yourself, you should definitely attend Novice School when a date is available. Novice School is a no-pressure event with instructors, often a skid pad, and the chance to get multiple (as many as 14-15) runs on the same course. Tentative dates for Novice School in 2016 are March 19th and July 23rd.


The first event Lou will be attending will be the P1 (Points 1) event at Turner Field on March 6th. The Turner Field events usually take place at the “Green Lot” which is directly across Georgia Ave SE from the main entrance to the stadium.


If you are interested in attending, these are the basic requirements:

Register at  http://www.motorsportreg.com/

Bring a valid driver’s license.

Be prepared for Tech inspection: battery tight, wheels & bearings tight, trunk and interior empty (including floor mats), put your garage door opener away, that sort of thing.

A helmet is required but the Region has loaners if you do not have one. General helmet specification is: Snell SA or M 2015, 2010, 2005, or 2000.

Be prepared to spend most of the day outdoors (rain or shine). Plan to bring lunch but food is usually available at the Turner Field venue.


Autocross / Solo Event Schedule:

  • March 5th – TNT – Turner Field (Atlanta, GA)
  • March 6th – P1 – Turner Field (Atlanta, GA)
  • April 20th – TNT – Atlanta Motorsports Park (Dawsonville, GA) – During Track Night in America
  • May 1st – P2 – Atlanta Motorspeedway (Hampton, GA)
  • May 25th – TNT – Atlanta Motorsports Park (Dawsonville, GA) – During Track Night in America
  • June 29th – TNT – Atlanta Motorsports Park (Dawsonville, GA) – During Track Night in America
  • July 9th – Starting Line – Turner Field (Atlanta, GA)
  • July 10th – P3 – Turner Field (Atlanta, GA)
  • July 23th – Novice School – Road Atlanta (Braselton, GA)
  • July 24th – TNT – Road Atlanta (Braselton, GA)
  • July 27th – TNT – Atlanta Motorsports Park (Dawsonville, GA) – During Track Night in America
  • August 6th – P4 – Turner Field (Atlanta, GA)
  • August 7th – P5 – Turner Field (Atlanta, GA)
  • August 24th – TNT – Atlanta Motorsports Park (Dawsonville, GA) – During Track Night in America
  • October 22nd – P6 – Atlanta Dragway (Commerce, GA)
  • October 23rd – COC – Atlanta Dragway (Commerce, GA)
  • November 5th – Novice School – Road Atlanta (Braselton, GA)
  • November 6th – Fun Event – Road Atlanta (Braselton, GA)

There are two potential events the weekend of Dixie Championship Tour. If volunteers cannot be found, these events will not occur.

  • March 19th – Novice School – Road Atlanta
  • March 20th – TNT – Road Atlanta