National Mustang Day – April 17

Your NE Georgia Mustang Club is joining others in the Mustang world to Celebrate National Mustang Day on April 17th

One special day a year, the Mustang world unites by taking their Mustangs to the road!

All Mustang enthusiasts know April 17th is the birthdate of the Mustang and was first shown to the automotive world at the New York World’s Fair.
The goal of the National Mustang Day is to unite all of the Mustang enthusiasts, by driving their Mustang. Imagine one day a year, the Mustangs are everywhere!
To make this happen, it will take Mustang Clubs, Registries and enthusiasts to help organize the National Mustang Day.  How?  This year, April 17th falls on a Sunday, a perfect day to go on a cruise.  Organize a cruise, invite friends and neighbors to join as passengers.
As the Mustang World organizes such activity, let us know, so we can add it to the website.  We want to be the home base to help spread the information so clubs, Registries, and automotive organizations can see how the Mustang Nation celebrates National Mustang Day.

So let’s get your Mustang fixed up, cleaned up and take it to work letting your co-workers know you are a Mustang enthusiast.  With everyone taking their Mustangs to work you will discover which of your co-workers are also Mustang enthusiasts.  Whether you take your Mustang on a cruise or to work, it is a day to drive your Mustang. is your headquarters to help make this event become part of the Mustang World.