Pre-Meeting Road Rally – Dahlonega to Clarksville

Fellow NEGMC members,

I’m putting together a rally for our trip up to Clarksville for our meeting this Saturday.

As some of you may recall, we tried this last year the day before V-Day.  “Valentine Massacre on Blood Mountain” was an event few will forget, especially those that haven’t spoken to me since.  I may have established a hostile mood for many valentine celebrations last year.  The good news this year, Valentine’s Day is behind us as are the Falcons!  So come on out and enjoy the fun and frustration a rally can provide.  The weather looks much better than last year with mid 60’s forecast so the” Steeds” can get some exercise although a daily driver will do.

For those of you that haven’t participated in one of these in the past, here’s the quick overview.  This is a driving event based on time recorded for two individual segments and overall time.  It is not a race! The time target for the segments and overall time will be established by the event coordinator which will time the course prior to the event at a max of five miles an hour over the posted speed limit.  The drive will be done on back roads so those of you who love the thrill of the interstate, may be disappointed that 75 miles an hour will likely not be required unless you’ve made a mistake or get stuck behind a slow moving vehicle and need to make up time. You will be given clues to spot that will guide you along the proper route, not street names or route numbers.  It is up to you to decipher via the clues what roads to take when. Good luck with your GPS!

After learning the rally aptitude of some of our members last year, I will make this so easy a blind person will be able to drive this!!!  A navigator/spotter is a highly desirable asset to bring along! You will be given a sealed backup map of the route to use if you really think you are astray, but it will cost you a time penalty if opened up. Last year participants didn’t know where they were to end up. This year, everyone knows where you should end up. Hawg Wild in Clarksville!!! So how hard can this be?

The winners for each segment, those closest to the time set by the coordinator, will be awarded huge prizes as will the overall winner. The size of the prizes will be based on the number of participants so the more the merrier $$, for the winners at least!   Listed below are a few things you need to bring:

Time piece that records minutes and seconds (one of them smart phones should work)

Navigator/Spotter/Recorder/Sidekick with a sense of humor will be very helpful as will a fully fueled vehicle and empty bladders.


$10 participation fee for funding the huge prizes


I will supply everything else but I do need a car count.


The event will begin in Dahlonega at the Lumpkin County Admin Building, 99 Courthouse Hill, Dahlonega, Ga. 30533. Go around back by the Library.  We will need to assemble by 11:45am so I can go over everything and answer any questions. Cars will once again leave on a staggered basis so it is necessary I know how many cars are planning to participate to allow enough time.




Look forward to seeing everyone!

Thanks, Gary