06/02 – NE Georgia Mustang Club’s Moonshine Rally & June Meeting – Dawsonville, GA

Please join us for the NE Georgia Mustang Club’s Annual Rally which this year will begin in Dawsonville, Georgia.

The new date is Saturday, June 2nd. Based on the level of successful execution on past rally’s, we will be making this Spring’s version a little easier so we can all fully appreciate the route of beautiful Georgia backroads that I have selected. If you are into high speed Interstate driving including stop and go bumper to bumper traffic then this event is probably not for you. If however you are up for a little challenge, some beautiful scenic driving and a lot of fun then by all means, join us.

As in past, the rally will consist of three segments where you will time yourselves from point A to point B within each segment. Written clues/road signs will be given to direct you through the three segments. Sealed rescue maps will be given in case you veer off the designated course and need help, however, a 10 minute penalty will be incurred if you need to open and use the map. For you high tech folks, your GPS/Smart Phone is of no value since you won’t know where exactly you are headed. For the speed freaks, anything substantially under the designated time will disqualify you from wining that segment or overall win. This is a timed event!

I will be setting and running the designated route several times and setting the average target times for each segment and the overall rally. This is not a race! The winners will be those that are the closest to the times I establish (driving posted speeds) for each segment and the overall rally. After the rally is over, we will have the awards ceremony, share our days venture, lunch (on your own $$) and a brief meeting. I expect the scheduled driving portion of the event to be about 90 minutes once you leave Dawsonville. Of course I’ve said that before!

The past rally’s have proven to be a fun event or at least I will try and make it so! It is most helpful to have a navigator and time keeper that will help keep you on track and on pace, at least they’re supposed to. A healthy Steed is also wise to have. You will not be passing a lot of garages waiting to make some repairs. This is a rain or shine event so bring anything reliable you want for the day but a Mustang sure would be nice!

This event takes a lot of planning and logistics for it to run smoothly, especially if we have a big turnout. We will ask for a $10 entry fee per car to cover the cost of prizes and other small expenses. Trust me, the prizes will be HUGE! Any money leftover will go to our annual Christmas toy drive. I promise full disclosure on such a large pot of money!
I need to know by May 20th if you plan to attend and how many will be in your party.

Please email me directly with a confirmation on your planned attendance. My email is gwhiz427@gmail.com

After May 20th, I will confirm with everyone that I have received a reply from and from that point forward, only those signed up will receive further emails on the subject event.
Nancy and I look forward to hosting you at the annual rally event. We guarantee you will have another great unforgettable day!

Gary and Nancy Dyck