***UPDATE*** NE Georgia Mustang Club’s July Meeting at Daniel’s Steakhouse in Hiawassee, GA

Due to today’s impending weather, we’ve decided to postpone our July meeting until next Saturday (7/28). Under the worst case our ride may be facing rain, thunderstorms, high winds, and possibly hail. In the best case there will be showers in areas that have already been inundated earlier this morning. In any case it’s going to be poor driving weather, certainly not the type of day that many will want to bring out their Mustangs. For what it’s worth, the long-range forecast for next Saturday is better.

Sorry for any inconvenience but a ride through the mountains won’t be any fun if we can’t enjoy it.

Please assume, unless and until you hear otherwise, that all plans will be the same for next Saturday. A confirmation e-mail will be circulated during the week. In the meantime, please be careful as today’s weather has potential to be very severe.

Saturday (7/28), 2:00 PM will be our July meeting of the NEGMC.

This month, we’ll be getting together at Daniel’s Steak House, 273 Big Sky Dr., Hiawassee, GA.

If you’d like to cruise there with your fellow Mustang club members; meet at QuikTrip in Oakwood (3446 Mundy Mill Rd, Oakwood, GA 30566) before our departure time of 11:30 AM.

If you live further North and would like to meet us along the way, we will stop for a planned break at McDonald’s in Clarkesville (502 Washington St, Clarkesville, GA 30523). You can join up with us there around 12:15 PM. For those of you who care (and I do), McDonald’s is about the last place you can take a “bio break” between there and Hiawassee.

Attached, you will find the directions for the cruise route. Please feel free to print them out, or have your navigator able to view them on a smart phone, etc. This way, if any of our group is separated (as often happens on longer cruises), just follow the directions and you’ll catch up. By the way, after the first half hour, this cruise is on secondary roads so those who don’t like highways are in luck. Karen and I have pre-run this and timed it out so we should be on time. If you aren’t interested in the cruise, just meet us at Daniel’s at 2:00 PM.

Directions to Daniels Steakhouse – Hiawassee, GA