The 2019 NEGMC President’s Award & Prestige Awards Update

Earlier this year the NEGMC announced that the Club was creating two awards, the President’s Award and the Prestige Awards.  The aim of these Awards was to encourage membership participation in the Club’s various activities and to acknowledge those members that do participate.  These are the points totals as of 10.20.19.

There are two award categories:

First is the NEGMC President’s Award – This Award is for the members and their activities with the Club during the year.  Points are assigned and any member that achieves a points total of 100 points are more will receive this Award.

Next is the NEGMC Prestige Awards which are broken down into four class groupings by age of the NEGMC Members cars. Those breakdowns are: Prestige Class 64.5 – 78; Prestige Class 79 – 93; Prestige Class 94 – 04 and Prestige Class 05 – 19.  The Prestige Awards are given to each NEGMC Member that has accumulated the top points in each class.

There are still several qualifying NEGMC Meetings and Car Show remaining for this year that can help you achieve your goals.

Additional information is available on the web site’s Awards tab or by this link:  NE Georgia Mustang Club Awards Programs