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Gary Dyck – My Mustang Story Gary Dyck Cobra
I consider myself to be one of the very lucky guys on this earth that got to turn 16 in 1966! What an era for cars of all kinds!!  Horsepower wars were in full swing and like today, every manufacturer was trying their best to up their rivals….More…..

Scott MossbrooksScott Mossbrooks 66 Coupe

My Love for Mustangs started when I was 16 years old. My father had a 1965 White Coupe, 289, 2bbl, with black interior, air conditioning and a factory AM radio….More…..

Ronald Lippman

Ron & William Lippman (07.11.16)

My love of Mustangs actually started in 1970 when I got back from Vietnam. I went to a Ford dealership in Brooklyn, NY and was ready to buy a 1970 Mustang….More….

Katrina Giaquinta

katrina-4I was raised in a farming community in the Northeast Georgia Mountains, and never messed with cars….More….

Anthony Gulla

My wife and I joined NEGMC a few months ago. I never thought of posting a picture of my Stang, so see attached. Making revisions and additions as wife will allow!  We are Tony & Linda Gulla from Cumming, GA  

April Estell

I have had a passion for Mustangs since I first started driving. My 1st car was an ‘89 LX hatchback 4 cylinder, 5 speed and yes, I went through MANY clutches learning to drive. I just LOVED the headlights and taillights! For me, exterior lighting can make or break a car and Ford has consistently outdone themselves with the iconic Mustang lights….More….

Steve Harrison

The Story:  My wife’s father purchased the yellow with black interior 66 Mustang 2+2 new, late in 1966 from Wade Ford in Atlanta for my mother-in-law.  The car had a 298 2-barrel with an automatic transmission, and a radio.  Deluxe hub caps and white wall tires were the only additional options….More….

George Simms

My 1st Mustang was a new ’83 GT, fast car for its time but with a laughable 175 HP in comparison to today’s standards. After a couple of years it had to go. Seems every time I took it out I got a ticket, which is not surprising for a 20 year old…More…

Rick Hayslip

I remember the ads for the new Mustang when it was introduced in 1964. I knew that I liked the car and don’t remember a true desire to have one, but hey I was just a tyke then. By the time the 1967 body style came out, I was closer to driving age. I liked the more muscular look of the redesign, but ended up driving a hand me down 1962 Falcon until I graduated…More…