About Us

The Northeast Georgia Mustang Club (NEGMC) is a fun club chartered by the Mustang Club of America as a Regional Club. The club meets regularly at different interesting locations and supports a robust calendar of events throughout the year. The club promotes two regional shows each year. The Northeast Georgia Mustang Club’s Fall car show is believed to be the longest contentiously running Shelby/Mustang and Ford Meet in the country. Both shows are incredibly successful averaging over 120 and 200 cars respectfully. The purpose of the club is twofold. First is to promote the enjoyment of the Mustang automobile and second is to be an avenue to raise money for the charities the club supports. We end the year with the after Christmas party which is a celebration of our club’s accomplishments throughout the year.

The club enjoys car shows, rallies and cruises but more importantly we enjoy the friendships we develop with other people who love Mustangs. The Mustang Club of America (MCA) is an integral part of every aspect of the NEGMC. With National and Grand National shows offering our members the opportunity to compete for the hallowed MCA grille medallion and assembling with other Mustang owners throughout the USA. The MCA has deep roots in Georgia. Since the original founders placed an advertisement in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution soliciting Mustang enthusiasts to a meeting and holding the first Grand National at Stone Mountain, the MCA has grown tremendously.

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If you would like to read more about the formation of the Northeast Georgia Mustang Club, please click on the following link – many thanks to Carole and Randy Church for sharing this information: Club History