NEGMC Charities

On December 9th, our club delivered the donation checks to YearOne and Eagle Ranch. It is always the most meaningful experience we as club undertake raising money for the charities we support. The two charities the club supports are Hot Rodders Children’s Charity and Eagle Ranch.

We feel the club’s purpose if two fold. While doing activities we enjoy with our cars, we are raising money for the charities we support. We accomplish this in several ways. At YearOne, we have one car show that brings car enthusiasts to YearOne not only for a car show, but to learn about YearOne through tours of their facility. This year we had over 180 cars at the show. Eagle Ranch was a different experience for our club. We raised money through the Hiawassee car show and at the same time developed awareness of Eagle Ranch. We also orchestrated a car show at Eagle Ranch just for the children, teaching them about our passion for Mustangs.

Some information about our charities:

Hot Rodders Children’s Charity Mission Statement: ” Improving the lives of children is the primary mission of the HRCC. By harnessing the enthusiasm and innate sense of responsibility found in the automotive enthusiast community, the HRCC successfully raises funds and awareness of the various children’s causes at events throughout the year. While many charitable organizations focus on a specific need or group, the HRCC aligns with a variety of local and national organizations representing a multitude of causes. This allows the HRCC to effect positive change in the lives of many different children with many different needs.”

Eagle Ranch purpose: “Based in Flowery Branch, the Ranch’s cornerstone residential program provides children a nurturing, structured home life; individualized education at its on-site SACS-accredited school; and a peaceful, stable environment to overcome challenges. Eagle Ranch also works with each child’s family through counseling, training and support. The goal is for children and families to experience renewal through restored relationships and hope for a more promising future.” As you can see, your contribution has a long reaching effect on the lives of children throughout our community. Also, many thanks go our to the club volunteers who not only donate to our shows by registering their cars, they also donate time to make our events so successful. Without the volunteers none of this would be possible.