NEGMC Hiawassee Car Show & Events Information – Updated

The Hiawassee Car Show date is rapidly approaching. There are some new developments I wish to share with you along with a reminder of the event schedule.

  • Car Show Registration has changed! In order to speed the process of entering the show we made a few changes. Proceed in the left lane of the Show entrance roadway (Music Hall Road) to the first covered area of the show entrance.
    • If you preregistered on Motosho, your registration will be verified at the registration table. After your preregistration has been verified, you will be checked off a list, and be presented a numbered dash card and voting ballot after which you can drive onto the fairgrounds. Follow directions from the Parking Volunteers who will guide you to a parking spot.
    • If you did not register on Motosho Once you have paid, you will be given a registration form and an ink pen. After parking your car, complete the registration form and bring your completed registration form to the registration desk to received your dash card and voting ballot. Registration will be located just beyond the pedestrian entrance of the fairgrounds, in the area of the tee shirt sales booth. There will be signs with directions to the registration desk.
    • The Dash Cards are individually numbered for each entrant’s vehicle. Use the Vehicle’s Dash Card number when you are voting for the vehicles of your choice. After you have voted, return your Popular Vote ballot to the Registration Desk. All votes will be tallied and the Show Awards will be presented based on the Popular Vote results.
  • Tee shirts sales will be in the white building to the left in the area just before you go down Saleen alley. If you pre-ordered and paid for tee shirts, they will be packaged in a plastic bag with your name on them and will be located at the tee shirt booth. Your Jacky Jones and Meet and Greet arm bands will also be there.
  • Show Expanded Area – We have enhanced the upper parking lot to be more inclusive to the show. There will be two food trucks in that area, there will be a speaker so if you are in that area you will be able to hear what is announced. We will be flags and tents set up on each row, with more people working that area. The swap meet will also be in that area. This area is prefect for club parking. Be sure to drive in together, as a club.
  • Food Vendors – There will be more food vendors this year for your enjoyment.
  • Prize Drawing – We are setting up stations within the show for you to have your voting ballot stamped as you walk around and vote on cars. This must be done before you turn it in. The cards with all the stamps on them will be entered into a drawing for $100.
  • If you park your car overnight in the Fairgrounds on Friday and need transportation to the Meet and Greet there will be a trolley to take you over and bring you back to the fairgrounds.
  • Trailer parking will be provided at the Fairgrounds. Lake Chatuge Lodge will not allow trailer parking. Fortunately there is a path from the hotel to the show grounds. I’m not sure if The Ridges Resort has trailer parking so if you are staying there, ask them.
  • Cruise – There will be two cruises, one for all cars and one specifically for Saleens. The cars will line up outside the gate to the fairgrounds on the right side of the exit road. There will be signs and people there to direct you where to line up. You must be registered to participate in the cruise. There will be a lunch option for those participating in the all cars cruise. Simply display your dash card on your dashboard so we know you have registered. Be sure to take it down before you leave on the cruise and place it in a safe place as that will identify that you have paid when you re-enter the show field.
  • Meet & Greet – We will be serving pizza and soft drinks at the meet and greet. We will also feature an interview with Jacky Jones and Jerry Smith, two renowned car collectors. You do not want to miss the Meet and Greet! The cost is $5.00 per person. We will provide arm bands to the participants.
  • Jacky Jones car collection. This event is open to the first 140 people to request to view Jacky Jones car collection. We will provide arm bands to the participants.
  • Lodging:
  • The host hotel, Lake Chatuge Lodge, is running our of space. There are a few rooms left at the club rate. Our block is full. To register, you will have to call the hotel direct and request a room. The room code is still Mustang 2021. Room rate is $126. Lake Chatuge Lodge 706-896-5253.
  • We have also acquired a block of rooms at The Ridges Resort on Lake Chatuge. The rate for these rooms are $169.00 Use the same code, Mustang 2021. The Ridges Resort phone number is 706-896-2262.
  • Dragon Run – Bay City Mustang Club of Panama City, FL has put together an outing, Thursday September 30th, to drive the Tail of the Dragon and other fun roads in the area. They have invited anyone who wishes to join them. If you are interested, meet them Thursday, September 30th at 8:00 a.m. in Ingles Parking lot. The address is: 2 Sweetwater Rd, Robbinsville, NC.
  • Autocross Event – The Highlands Sports Car Club (HSCC) is hosting an Autocross in Franklin, NC. It is the Series #12 event in their schedule. Registration is in advance. If you are interested, log in to their website for more information. 

NEGMC Hiawassee Show Schedule Friday:

  • Registration 8;00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Jacky Jones car collection 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Cruise 10:00 am
  • Meet & Greet 4:30 – 6:30 pm
  • Urban Cowboy Concert 7:00 pm

NEGMC Hiawassee Show Schedule Saturday

  • Registration 8:00 am – 11:00 am
  • Show time 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Awards presentation 3:00 pm

NEGMC Cruise to the Mustang Museum of America & the Barber Motorsports Park (05.22.21)

In the words of our club members – this was an incredible event! Everyone had a great time and are looking forward to the next NEGMC event. It was great to hang with club members again after so long. We refreshed old friendships and made new ones during the day.

Our NEGMC had 11 cars cruising to the Mustang Museum of America and to Barber Motorsports Park. People came from many different places and met us along the way. They traveled from Newnan, Hartwell, Cumming, Braselton, Suwanee, Cedartown, Cornelia, Gainesville and Loganville. We met people along the way at entrances to the interstate, at welcome centers and met some at the Mustang Museum of America. One members brother came, who didn’t have a Mustang but wore a Mustang hat so he would fit in. It was so cool to spend such quality time together with the NEGMC club members. After we spent time at the Mustang Museum of America we decided to make another stop at Buc-ee’s to refuel and eat lunch. The Buc-ee’s gas station was something to see with over 100 gas pumps and a huge convenience store. Then off to Barber. We toured the motorcycle museum, parked together in the fan zone, watched the Historic’s race and showed our driving skills while doing 3 parade laps around the track. It was a full day ending with dinner as a group. Great fun!!

To view Ronn Lippman’s pictures from the trip, click on the following link:

NEGMC February Meeting & Cruise (02.20.21)

Our first meeting for 2021 was a huge success. We had close to 40 people in attendance and 15 cars on the cruise. We discussed many things happening with the club and how well the membership is going. As of today we have 104 members, way ahead of last years membership on this date. We also went over the calendar that was sent out prior to the meeting and the events we plan on attending this year. We have 16 members that answered my email stating they were attending the MCA event at Road Atlanta in April.
Three new members attended the meeting, Nathan Jenkins, Chris Ring and Tim Ochipa. Welcome to the club!
The new board members were introduced, Shirley Rider Treasurer and Gary Dyck Secretary.
The annual awards were handed out to members that achieved over 100 points that are necessary to receive pins. There were 14 recipients this year.

  • Kim Gamble
  • Will Lippman
  • Ronn Lippman
  • Henry Gosnell
  • Keith Corkern
  • Richard Rider
  • Emily Priebe
  • Suzanne Newsom
  • Georgianna Schmidt
  • Rick Schmidt
  • Steve Harrison
  • James Price
  • Gary Dyck
  • Dan Capps

The three Prestige Award winners were:

  • Henry Gosnell – 641/2 – 1978 Mustang
  • Rick Schmidt – 1979 – 2004 Mustang
  • Suzanne Newsom 2005 – 2020 Mustang

Take a look at the awards program on the NEGMC website to see how you can receive your pin or win the Prestige Award this year. The awards program will be reset starting with this meeting going forward.
The cruise was awesome, as always, thanks to Gary Dyck for planning our route. We managed to stay together throughout the cruise, which made the cruise even more fun. Ronn and Will were able to take some incredible pictures. Their Mustang was running very strong as Ronn passed everyone while Will was taking pictures of all the cars on Hwy 365. As we drove through Helen people were taking pictures of our cars. It’s always fun to see a string of Mustangs coming down the road. What a a great day to cruise as we were not the only club out for the day. We saw a Corvette club and passed a 4Runner club out cruising, as well.
Don’t forget to sign up for the March show at YEARONE on Motosho. Also if you haven’t renewed your membership, go to the NEGMC website to register.
Please click on the highlighted areas above to view and sign up for the different items I discussed.
The car of the month is a white 1966 GT Fastback belonging to one of the new members, Nathan Jenkins. Congratulations!

2020 NEGMC Toys for Tots Buying Trip (12.05.20)

Our final activity for 2020 was the Toys for Tots shopping trip and December club meeting. Many NEGMC members participated and attended the meeting at Jacky Jones Ford. As you may know NEGMC has supported Jacky Jones Toys for Tots and the White County White Christmas initiative for over 10 years. Its incredible how the members of the club are always ready to give back to the community.
Ronn and Will Lippman’s 1965 Red Mustang was voted car of the month.
Thank you NEGMC for such an outstanding year!!

2020 Hiawassee Show 65-93 Mustangs (10.03.20)

2020 Hiawassee 94-Present Mustangs (10.03.20)

2020 Mustang II Reunion V (10.03.20)

2020 Hiawassee Fords (10.03.20)